Participate in our research studies.

Your Opinion Counts!

Participate in paid studies like focus groups, taste tests, website usability, product testing, concept tests, mock juries, radio music studies, children’s studies, etc. With us, you can give your opinions, have fun, learn something new, make a difference and GET PAID! Absolutely NO SALES!


As a marketing and opinion research firm, we organize various types of paid research, most commonly, focus groups. Focus groups are casual roundtable discussions, about 2 hours in length and involve 8 to 10 participants and a Moderator. The Moderator presents ideas, asks questions and encourages feedback. There’s absolutely no sales involved and all information is kept strictly confidential. Upon conclusion, participants receive a cash gift.


Manufacturers, service providers and organizations sponsor opinion and market research studies to better understand the needs of consumers like you. People like you are able to make their opinions known via a direct communications channel with those who are able to affect change. Insight gained from this research contributes greatly to improvements in quality and usefulness of products and services.


Locating people to participate in a particular study usually involves contacting members of our Participant Database. These are people who have agreed to let us call or email them from time to time to ask about their opinions. Based on information supplied by database members, those that are most appropriate for a particular study are contacted. Our interviewers always identify themselves by name and say they are calling from Gilmore Research. If the person is busy when we call, we are always happy to call back at a more convenient time. Once contacted, we ask some questions. If their answers match what we are looking for on a particular study, an invitation is extended with details regarding the day, time, length, location, topic and amount of cash provided.


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to voice your opinions in research sponsored by local and national manufacturers, service providers and organizations.


In appreciation of your time and opinions, we provide a financial gift to thank you. On average, a two-hour focus group pays $75 and up.


Talk about subjects such music, pets, sports, social issues and business-related topics. Test upcoming products/services like video games and websites. Try new food and beverage products. Our studies take place in a casual environment, and there are no right or wrong answers. Participants tell us they have a lot of fun and learn something new.


All types of people with a variety of interests, attitudes, responsibilities and backgrounds are valued and welcomed as part of our Participant Database. We conduct studies on a wide range of topics; however, you do not have to be an expert on the subject, just open to sharing your opinions and experiences.

If you would like to be contacted in the future about opinion research opportunities, please Join Our Database and answer some questions so we may better match you up with our projects (strict confidentiality maintained). If at any time you no longer wish to be contacted, just let us know (opt-out).